Helping Hearts - Artist Collaborations


Iconic New York artist Tina Psoinos has been featured in exhibits and galleries in the US and Europe. She composes works that explore themes such as female empowerment, pop culture and love and identity in the 21st century. Her approach mixes traditional painting, photography, digital and stenciling techniques. Tina teamed up with Cate Brown  to create these one of kind incredible pillows for New York Cares made from repurposed leather jackets and canvas linen garments.

Iconic New York Artist Jody Morlock has worked with Patricia Field and styled the likes of Blondie and Cindi Lauper to name a few. Her  Painting on clothes was born out of her love of recycling and reinventing garments and objects. “It is a mashup of two ideas.” She says. “Take something old and make it new. Paint, stitch, knit embellish and JUST PLAY.” In a fashion industry which has become over saturated and homogenized, Morlock is on the cusp of a new era of reinvention, catering to a new demand for one-of-a-kind custom fashion ‘art’ pieces. It was only natural that she teamed up with Cate Brown by doing the incredible artwork for this series of one of a kind recycled garment pillows.

Julia Rivera has created a name for herself through art restoration, apart from her gallery level restoration work, she is a talented and multifaceted artist. She attended Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Puerto Rico, she then received her MA in 17th-century painting and restoration at the Studio Arts College International, Florence, Italy. Rivera has art in numerous permanent collections across the US and Europe. Julia often uses her incredible art form for social justice and as a voice for change.

Holly Suzanne Rader began her fine arts career as a classically-trained portrait painter, while in recent years evolving into a sculptor and mixed media artist exploring a wide range of materials including acrylic, photo collage, wax, resin, paper mache, sequins, glitter and even candy. She is drawn to subject matter typically of vintage glamour. Bright drops of paint, glitter-enhanced photos, and high gloss finishes create a visual seduction of color and texture. The overture of her work, whether on canvas or in sculpture, evokes a playful presence of the feminine soul.