At cate brown. we create sustainably sourced, hand selected, objects of finery. Individuality is said to be the highest level of luxury, we believe that beauty is found in the stories that our choices tell. That’s why at cate brown. we seek to offer alternatives to the fast-fashion approach to homewares and celebrate reclaimed luxury craft.

Our first collection is a curation of bespoke made cushions from hand-selected vintage garments, chosen for their fine details and beautiful unique fabrics.

Our Atelier range takes this concept to the very highest level of vintage apparel by heritage fashion houses such as Chanel, Tom Ford, Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Hermes to name a few.

Each garment is researched and documented to pay homage to the original design, before being carefully patterned and deconstructed to create luxurious cushions for your home. The idea stemmed from wanting to repurpose these gorgeous textiles that might otherwise be discarded. The idea grew to include vintage garments from high fashion brands as many of these garments go unworn and unseen, these beautiful fabrics deserve to be enjoyed and celebrated for their heritage, refinement, luxury fabrics and design elements. These stunning and meticulous details transition so beautifully to interior design. Your favourite fashion reimagined for your home. Each piece is a complete original and a one-of-a-kind creation by cate brown.

Designed in-house and produced by skilled seamstresses cate brown. pieces are designed and made locally, both in Brooklyn, New York and Vancouver, British Columbia.